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About USA

USA companies

Highlights of USA

  • Full EU Membership.

  • Onshore OECD & EU compliant status.

  • EU VAT system.

  • No exchange control regulations.

  • Political and economic stability.

  • Excellent worldwide communication facilities.

  • Highly educated workforce.

  • Safe and high quality. European/Mediterranean lifestyle.

  • English is an official language.

Uses of USA International Business Companies (LLCs)

  • E-commerce activities;

  • EU-licensed online gaming/betting activities;

  • Licensed investment services;

  • Brokerage and commissions;

  • Management and consultancy;

  • Marketing and promotion of products and services;

  • Licensing of patents, copyrights, franchises & other intangible rights;

  • International trade and EU trade.

  • International Leasing of vehicles, machinery, vessels and others.

Uses of USA International Holding Companies (IHCs)

  • Holder of bank accounts, fixed deposits, investment plans and any other financial or commercial title.

  • Owner of the shares of other companies or legal entities.

  • Owner of apartments, houses, buildings, vessels and any other movable or immovable property or goods.

  • Owner of patents, copyrights, franchises & other intangible rights;

  • Borrowing or lending money, paying or receiving commissionsí, royalties or others.

  • Financing activities

USA Company Formation

EuroConsulta International provides professional USA company formation services as well as offshore banking services in USA or in a safe, confidential and stable offshore or onshore jurisdiction, carefully selected by our consultants in accordance with your specific needs.

Tax Planning in USA and offshore

Some structures are more complex then others.  We can assist directly with setting up a single USA offshore company structure in a cost-effective and professional manner.   Other structures involving higher level tax planning may require the setting up of companies or trusts in USA or in another onshore or offshore jurisdiction.

According to what is most appropriate to our client's case profile, we act directly or through our network of in-house and external specialist consulting and corporate management firms to provide a seamless project management spanning a number of involved jurisdictions.  Our setup enables us to achieve high standards of professional service, timely support and rapid response to client demands.

USA Virtual Office Services

In addition to our company formation service and corporate management services, supplementary offshore back office services are provided by our specialist dedicated associate company in USA.

Banking Facilities

Sophisticated banking facilities can be obtained in USA including international merchant accounts, multi-currency credit cards and cheque books and secure internet banking logins.


Our Start-up Service

EuroConsulta Requirements

Appropriate character references and other due diligence documents, as required.
EuroConsulta directors and officers may be appointed.

What is offshore? >>  Read about using Offshore Companies  >>

Which offshore? >>  Choose a jurisdiction  >>

I am ready to register a USA Company.  What is the next step?

All you need to do is contact us. We will tell you what documents we need from you. We require only the minimum of information from our clients. We will do all the paperwork for you. We look forward to your requests and are always ready to help you.

About USA

USA companies










Characteristics of the USA LLC Company

Type of Company:

LTD (Limited Company)

Tax Rate:

The corporate tax rate is 10% of the net profit. Non-resident Companies are subject to 0% in taxation provided that the directors are located outside USA, all business decisions are taken outside USA and that it has no sources of income in USA.

Annual Franchise Tax:



Company or physical person of any nationality may act as directors. Minimum of one (1) director.


Minimum one (1).

Registered Agent/Office:

A registered office must be maintained in USA.

Annual Reporting:

Annual accounts, audited by independent qualified auditors must be submitted.


The details of the shareholders and directors are required to be kept on public record, but anonymity is retained by the use of nominee shareholders and directors.

Double Tax Treaty Network:

34 Double Tax Treaties.

Trading Restriction:

No restrictions. Permits for certain types of business must be obtained prior to commencement of operations.


All company names must end in the words: Limited or Ltd.

Disclosure of Beneficial Owner:

Yes, but protected by secrecy

Tax on Offshore Profits:


Bearer shares allowed:


Corporate Directors Permitted:


Company Secretary Required:


Standard Authorised Share Capital:

CYP 1000

Local Registered Agent:


Local Directors:


Disclosure of Directors:


Disclosure of Shareholders:


Annual Return:


Submit Accounts:




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