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Malta Bank Account Introductions

Personal & Corporate Bank Accounts in Malta

Opening a company bank account should be one of the first things you do when starting your company in any country in Europe or offshore.  Through its international banking connections and affiliations, EuroConsulta International offers private and corporate clients, a complete range of banking facilities including personal accounts, corporate accounts, credit card facilities, electronically managed accounts (via the internet), high yield savings accounts, fixed term deposit accounts, with leading banks throughout Europe.

ECI provides sound, impartial advice on choosing the right bank and the right facilities, guiding you through the financial and banking jargon and giving you access to our network of contacts in the banking industry in the European country of your choice.

Our service

  • Guidance in choosing amongst the different banking services in Malta;
  • Introduction to the chosen Maltese banking entity;
  • Provision of detailed instructions and assistance to complete bank forms and prepare required documents
  • Provision of other relevant information & support by telephone, fax and or email during the account opening process
  • Provision of nominee bank signatories
  • Provision of Mail forwarding facilities

Typical facilities

  • Maltese Bank accounts in any foreign currency;
  • A choice of term, savings or current accounts;
  • Favourable interest rates;
  • Cheque book facility;
  • Credit card facility;
  • No tax or withholding tax on interests paid to non-resident account holders;
  • No exchange control regulations;

You will be required to complete and sign mandate forms, other required documents, deposit the minimum amount of required funds to open your account directly to the bank and deal with the international or offshore bank thereafter.

In certain instances it may also be necessary for you to appear personally at the bank to sign documentation. Where this is a requirement, this will be advised to you by ECI.

Potential clients should note that that opening a corporate banking account in Malta is not a simple matter and can be time consuming. It is not unusual for the account opening process to take 30 days or more from the date of initial contact with the banking institution concerned. It is essential therefore that we are in possession of all of the necessary supporting documentation requested and that clients have fully briefed us on both themselves and their proposed business. (See our note on our due diligence obligations)

Choosing a banking jurisdiction for your Offshore Company

It is not necessary for an offshore company to open an account in the place where it is registered. It can be opened in any bank in one of the developed countries of the world, like Malta.  The choice of a bank mostly depends on the way you are going to use the account.  The main ways of using accounts are: trade accounts (used for making payments in deals with goods, works, services); investment accounts (used for making payments in deals with securities); savings account (for keeping money funds on a deposit). You can open several accounts to be used for different purposes. When opening an account it is important for a person, willing to open an account in a bank, to satisfy all the demands of the bank.

Nominee Bank Signatories

Where a full company management service has been requested by the beneficial owners of the company concerned, we are in a position to provide our nominees to act as signatories and to manage the opening and operation of bank account.


Offshore Banking > Malta Bank Accounts > Offshore Companies > Onshore European Companies



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