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Gaming Licences > Regulated Jurisdictions > Curacao

Curacao iGaming Licences

General Information:

Curaçao is one of the 5 islands making up The Netherlands Antilles, formed part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


The Maltese Lira (LM) - approx EUR 2.4)


English and Maltese are the official languages but Italian is also widely spoken. English is the business language.

Human Capital: Highly educated workforce; IT focused; multi-lingual
Living Conditions & business facilities: High standard of living; relatively low cost; reliable and efficient network of airline operators; relatively cheap office space; good health services; excellent education

Characteristics of the Curacao Remote Gaming Licence

Regulatory Body

The licence is granted by the Governor of Curaçao

Type of Licenses:

Only one eGaming license type in Curacao.

This covers operators of services, software providers, network operators, service providers, common platform operators, affiliates, marketers and white-label operators. The licence covers games of skill, chance and wagering.

Curaçao offers two formats to be licensed:

a) Master licence;

b) Sub-licence.

A master licence licenses the e-gaming company itself, and in addition opens the possibility to sub-license third parties subject to the responsibility and covenants under the master licence.

A sub-licence - under a master licence - offers the same rights to run an e-gaming business legitimately, but without the possibility of further sub-licensing.

Gaming Tax:

0% tax on gross bets

Government Application & License Fees:

Guarantee deposit: NAƒ.60,000 (c. € 34023)

Holders of a master licence pas NAƒ.10,000. (c .€5670)per month during the first two years of the license. After that, the amount of the license fee is negotiated.

Sublicenses are procured from a master licence holder, range from $2,000 to $4,000 USD. (c. €1393 to €2787).

Estimated time-frame to obtain a licence

Within five days from an application having been received, the Department of Justice will check whether the accompanying documents are complete. From the moment the application is complete, the department will take six weeks to conduct an investigation.

If after six weeks the investigation has not been completed but there appear to be no objections, a provisional license may be granted for a period of six months (provided the applicant himself is not to blame for the delay in the investigation)

Validity of Licence

The master licence is valid for 5 years and is automatically renewed if conditions and requirements are met. The sub-license is valid for an indefinite period

Type of Company:

The company must be an e-Zone company in Curaçao. It must have its physical primary operating servers operate out of Curaçao. As a minimum, player information, game logic and financial transactions must be operated on computer hardware situated within the Curaçao e-zone.

The e-Zone company is a limited liability or a private limited liability company

Company Taxation:

E-Zone license qualifies one to a 2% corporate net profits tax through 2026. There is no sales tax, no import duties, no VAT and no restriction on dividend withdrawals.

Curaçao Bandwidth Provision

Internet Connectivity

Multi-gigabit; 5 international fibre links; self-healing ring; fully redundant

Curaçao Financial Services

Banking Curaçao offers a wide range of banks that offer corporate and personal bank accounts to e-commerce operations and their employees.
Payment Gateway EuroConsulta can assist e-gaming operators in obtaining e-payment solutions for collecting funds and paying winnings.


Gaming Licences > Regulated Jurisdictions > Curacao



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