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Gaming Licences > Regulated Jurisdictions > Gibraltar

Gibraltar iGaming Licences

General Information:

Gibraltar , is the only UK overseas territory that is part of the EU. Gibraltar was excluded from certain parts of the EC Treaty. Being excluded from applying EU rules relating to VAT and other taxes, it makes no contribution to the EU budget. Gibraltar neither forms part of the customs territory of the EU.


Pound Sterling £ (GBP)



Human Capital:

Highly educated workforce; IT focused; multi-lingual

Living Conditions & business facilities:

High standard of living; relatively low cost; reliable and efficient network of airline operators; relatively cheap office space; good health services; excellent education

Characteristics of the Gibraltar Remote Gaming Licence

Regulatory Body

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Type of Licenses:

1. Bookmakerís licence

2. Betting intermediaryís licence

3. Gaming operatorís licence

4. Gaming machine licence

5. Lottery promoterís licence

6. Pools promoterís licence

7. Remote gambling licence

Gaming Tax:

Tax rate for fixed-odds and online gaming operations is 1%of turnover, with the gaming tax capped at £42,500,000 per year

For Internet casinos gaming tax is currently levied at 1% of the gaming yield or gross profit

Government Aapplication & License Fees:

No start-up licensing fees, but there is an annual fee of £2,000

Type of Company:

Depends on the type of licence one applies for.

Company Taxation:

Corporate tax rate of 10%

Validity of Licence

1 year

Estimated time-frame to obtain a licence

Several variables.

Restrictions on jurisdictions vis-ŗ-vis wagers


Reporting requirements


Bandwidth provision

Internet Connectivity


Financial Services

Payment Gateway

EuroConsulta can assist e-gaming operators in obtaining e-payment solutions for collecting funds and paying winnings.


Gaming Licences > Regulated Jurisdictions > Gibraltar



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