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Residency Pages > Tax Relocation > Residence in Europe

Private Residence Solutions  .  Tax Relocation

Tax Relocation

Changing tax residence brings with it the opportunity to move your assets to a low tax jurisdiction or/and leave your assets “in between” jurisdictions, for instance, in an international trust with no tax liability.  When taking up tax residency in your new low tax jurisdiction, you no longer pay tax in your old high tax country.  In your new country of residence you pay less tax on your income, for example, your pension.  You can place your assets for lower taxation in your new country, or preferably in a trust with you as beneficiary, where your capital and assets can accumulate without suffering any taxes.  In this way, you avoid inheritance tax, gift tax, taxation on immovable property, wealth taxes, etc.

Featured Jurisdictions:


Malta Residency Malta

The island of Cyprus, being the furthest eastern part of The European Union, is situated in the eastern Mediterranean and has the welcoming statistic of 300 days of sunshine per year. Cyprus is one of the few places in the world that, during periods of the year, can offer you the option of going skiing in the mountains in the morning and enjoying the beach life in the afternoon.

Cyprus has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe without having the compromising reputation of a tax haven, and offers a wide range of double taxation treaties. It is the perfect place for a peaceful, enjoyable and tax advantageous retirement. [more info]

The Maltese Islands are often referred to as the islands of sunshine and history. With their warm, sunny Mediterranean climate and 6,000 years of history, this is a fitting description. Malta offers many attractions, among them an English speaking population, leisure way of life and low taxes.

Malta is one of the most attractive locations in Europe for tax-advantaged private residence. Malta has a low flat rate tax on income remitted and derived in Malta, and there is no minimum stay requirement for being regarded as tax resident. [more info]

We can provide relocation services to the following jurisdictions:



British Virgin Islands

Austria Bahamas British Virgin Islands


Belize Cyprus Europe


Hong Kong

Guernsey Gibraltar Hong Kong


Malta Residency

Italy Liechtenstein Malta



St. Kitts

Monaco Panama St. Kitts


United Kingdom

Spain Switzerland United Kingdom

EuroConsulta's services:

  • Advising you on your chances of success before filing your application
  • Providing you with legal advice related with immigration matters, regarding your home country and your host country
  • Providing you with financial advice, such as tax planning etc., before and after your departure from your home country
  • Providing you with the preparation and forwarding of the necessary documentation
  • Vetting and preparing all supporting documentation for submission
  • Corresponding and liaison with the government authorities on your behalf during the pending of the application process
  • Keeping you informed with the progress of your application and forwarding the permit once issued.
  • On your arrival to your new country of residence we assist you with the purchase or rental of a house or flat, the drawing up of wills, the filing of annual tax returns or any other legal or financial advice or help you require.


Residency Pages > Tax Relocation > Residence in Europe



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