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Offshore Trusts and Foundations

To achieve higher levels of tax efficiency, the shares of an offshore company can be owned by a trust.  This can result in very substantial tax and non-tax related advantages which will accrue both on death and during the lifetime of the "settlor" of the trust, for instance:

  • ASSET PROTECTION: Trusts may be used to hold assets safely out of reach of creditors in the unfortunate event of financial difficulties, divorce proceedings or litigation.

  • INHERITANCE TAX SAVINGS: Once the assets are placed in a trust, they no longer for part of your estate.  This means that no the inheritance tax is chargeable on the value of the real estate, shares and other assets or valuables held by the trust.

  • AVOIDANCE OF PROBATE: For the same reason, a trust provides a medium whereby assets are smoothly passed on to the next generation without the disruption, delays, substantial costs, loss of confidentiality associated with probate procedures necessary when assets are bequeathed by will.

  • CONTINUITY: Trusts provide for the continuation of a settlor's wishes after his death.  A trust can stipulate that assets should continue to be administered in accordance with the settlor's instructions laid down in the trust deed.  For instance, weaker heirs can be protected from others and the spendthrift can be protected from himself.

  • LIFETIME TAX SAVINGS: During lifetime, substantial income and capital gains tax advantages may result from setting up the trust.

We can set up and manage offshore trusts and foundations in a number of offshore regulated trust jurisdictions.  Feel free to contact us for more information on our licensed trust services or to discuss the implications of settling a trust.  Fees for drafting a trust in accordance with your requirements and for the provision of trustee services are quoted on a case by case basis and will be provided on request.





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